Who We Are

CNC Worldwide, Inc. is an international freight forwarder that specializes in project, plant, and break bulk movements in the South and Central American region. Headquartered in Los Angeles, we have nine branch offices located throughout seven countries.

All of our employees have specialized training and knowledge in the field of logistics and transportation. Everything from packaging, forwarding, consolidating, and shipping, to insurance, customs laws, inland transportation, delivery, and follow-up, we pride ourselves in comprehensive insight and an open communication line with customers throughout every stage of transportation.

We firmly believe that business is more than just numbers and jobs, but relationships fostered through satisfied customers and passionate employees. From day one, this methodology has carried us to become one of the leading freight forwarders in the world. Our hope is that we can continue to spark strong relationships with motivated and ambitious customers like you.

Thank you for your continuing support for CNC Worldwide, Inc.