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Logistics Coordinator


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Responsible for business liaison with multiple affiliated offices in Mexico and Latin America. Conducts constant oral and written communications, generally in the Spanish language, with company offices abroad as well as local Latin American transportation companies, with respect to specific shipments, general office efficiency and performance, and to elicit issues of concern to local management abroad. Coordinates the international shipment of automobiles and other high-volume goods through communication and coordination with company's overseas offices. On occasion, may approach transportation entities to establish business-to-business relationships, or to modify contract prices and standard time commitments with existing volume customers. Oversees large freight shipments to ensure timely delivery to destination. Exchanges financial information with overseas company offices regarding costs of operations in various parts of Latin America. Identifies logistics logjams and seeks satisfactory resolution. Advises local management as to cost structure for freight forwarding and storage services, perceived excess costs, recommendations for improvement in on-time and cost-reducing performance, and all other areas of concern, to enhance supply chain efficiency. Participates in annual budgeting to allocate company resources. Overall use of written and spoken Spanish: 40%.



  • Education: Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration or closely related.

  • Special Skill: Fluency in written and spoken Spanish language.

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